Literary Archive

Deutsche Schillergesellschaft e.V. is the organization that funds and supports the Schiller Nationalmuseum and Deutsches Literaturarchiv. The Marbach-based institutes are both committed to the same objective - that of collating, compiling, and studying texts and documents relating to German literature. Opened in 1903, the Museum was originally a museum and archive for Schiller and writers from Swabia. Since the mid-1950s, however, it has been dedicated to all areas of German literature, from the classics through to the present day. It was during that period that Deutsches Literaturarchiv was also established, an institute that has been housed in a separate building since 1972, with extensions having been added in 1979/1980 and again in 1990/1994. Collections are, in keeping with the normal provisions governing archive work, open to literary and academic researchers working on the premises of Deutsches Literaturarchiv. The Hesse holdings are the most comprehensive holdings managed by the Archive, part of them being stored there and part owned by the institute.


The Schiller Nationalmuseum is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, except on December 24 and 26, and in the afternoons of December 24 and 31.