Richard Ziegler

© Richard-Ziegler-Foundation Calw

Painter Richard Ziegler (1891-1992) produced this drawing of Hesse around 1950 using the wash print technique - a kind of silkscreen process - he liked to use so much. The original is to be found in the Richard-Ziegler-Stiftung Calw.

It was with Hesse's help that Ziegler, who had since emigrated to England, was able to remain in touch with Germany by letter during the second world war. At the end of 1948, Ziegler was able to meet Hesse in Baden/Switzerland - thanks to Hesse's cousin Fanny Schiler, who lived in Calw. In his diary he noted: "We finally got to see each other face to face, and I believe he took a liking to me. I felt close to him in human terms, as if I had somehow always known him. How much I appreciated the clarity of his thinking and the remarkable composure of his words and gestures - and how young he is!"