Hesse Scholarship Statutes

Statutes of the Foundation known as "Calwer Hermann-Hesse-Stipendium"




In memory of the writer Hermann Hesse, and with a view to fostering literary culture and to advancing international understanding in the spirit intended by Hesse, the "Calwer Hermann-Hesse-Stiftung" has endowed the "Calwer Hermann-Hesse-Stipendium."


§1 The Scholarship


The "Hermann-Hesse-Stipendium" shall be awarded annually up to a maximum of three times. Invitees eligible for consideration for the Scholarship shall include


· German-language authors and writers, and

· authors writing in other languages,

· and translating linguistic works of art from German into their language.


The Scholarship is designed to enable writers to carry out or complete a larger body of work. It is expected that scholarship holders shall live in Calw and participate in the life of the town during their tenure.


The Scholarship shall comprise the right to live in the apartment in Calw for three months, a monthly sum of 2,000 during this period, and a sum of 1,000 each to cover preparation and follow-up respectively.


§2 Conditions


Invitees considered for the Calwer Hermann-Hesse-Stipendium shall include writers and authors who have proven their abilities in already published works.


§3 Selection


The choice of invitees shall be made by a Selection Commission. Applications requesting consideration for the Scholarship cannot be accepted.


§4 Appointment and Composition of Jury


The Selection Commission shall be made up of five prominent figures from the literary world. They shall be appointed by the Executive Board of the "Calwer Hermann-Hesse-Stiftung" for a period of three years. Direct reappointment at the end of this term shall be permissible a single time only. The Selection Commission shall be joined by a representative of the Executive Board, who shall, however, have no voting rights. The members of the Selection Commission are free to decide as they think fit, and are not bound by directives or instructions of any kind.

Members of the Executive Board of the Foundation shall attend the meetings of the Selection Commission, yet shall not have voting rights.


The members of the Selection Commission shall receive an appropriate remuneration.


The Selection Commission is authorized to consult experts, to request proposals from authorities in the field, and to seek further advice from such experts in order to obtain information about individual persons and other pertinent facts.


§5 The work of the Selection Commission


The Selection Commission shall meet on an as-required basis. Its meetings shall not be public, and its deliberations shall remain confidential.


The Selection Commission shall reach its decisions by the simple majority of its voting members. It shall be quorate when at least three of its voting members are present. Meetings shall be convened by the Chairperson. Members shall be obliged to cast their vote and may not abstain.


The Selection Commission may not split the Scholarship.


The decisions of the Selection Commission are final and may not be contested through litigation.


Minutes of the deliberations and the results of the votes shall be taken.


§6 Announcement


The Executive Board of the "Calwer Hermann-Hesse-Stiftung" shall extend invitations to invitees and shall announce acceptance of invitations to the public.



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