Hesse Prize Statutes

Statutes of the Foundation known as "Calwer Hermann-Hesse-Preis"




In memory of the writer Hermann Hesse, and with a view to fostering literary culture and to advancing international understanding in the spirit intended by Hesse, Südwestfunk Baden Baden and Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw have endowed the prize known as "Calwer Hermann-Hesse-Preis."


The prize shall be awarded each year on the birthday of Hermann Hesse, and shall be presented in Calw.


§1 The Prize


The Prize shall be awarded in two categories, the first being the


"Calwer Hermann-Hesse-Förderpreis"

worth 15,000

for German-language literary periodicals


specializing in the publication of works by young or as yet unknown authors, and which are, in the sense intended by Hermann Hesse, committed to a critical and cosmopolitan outlook on the world. The second category is the


"Calwer Hermann-Hesse-Übersetzerpreis"

worth 15,000


awarded for the translation of the works of Hermann Hesse into a foreign language, or the translation of literary works from a foreign language into German.

In neither of the two categories may the Prize be shared by several persons. The Prize shall be awarded every two years, and shall alternate between the two categories. The first prize to be awarded shall be the "Calwer Hermann-Hesse-Förderpreis" for literary periodicals.


§2 Conditions of Entry


The "Calwer Hermann-Hesse-Förderpreis" is open to all German-language literary periodicals seeking to support and promote quality literature. The "Calwer Hermann-Hesse-Übersetzerpreis" shall alternately be awarded for translations of the works of Hermann Hesse into a foreign language and translations of literary works from a foreign language into German, the key criterion being an outstanding achievement on the linguistic level. Only published works may be considered.


§3 Award of Prize


The decision on the award of the prize shall be made by a Jury made up of voting members (§4) and the associate members.

§4 Appointment and Composition of Jury


The Jury shall be made up of seven persons appointed by the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall appoint a special Jury for each prize category. In each case, the voting Jury members shall, by simple majority, elect a chairperson from among their midst; the Chairperson may be re-elected. The Jury shall be appointed at the beginning of an awards period. Direct reappointment shall be possible a single time only. The jurors shall receive an appropriate remuneration. The Jury is authorized to consult experts when making its decision. Invitations to attend the meetings of the respective Jury in an advisory capacity shall be sent to a representative of the Ministry of Science and Art Baden Württemberg, the Managing Director of the Hermann-Hesse-Kolloquium Calw, and a representative of Südwestfunk.


§5 The Work of the Jury


Ideally, the Jury shall convene for its first meeting one year before each Prize is awarded. The meetings of the Jury shall not be public, and their deliberations shall be confidential. The Jury shall be quorate only when at least five members are present. Meetings shall be convened by the Chairperson. The Jury shall select the Prize Winner. In the event of a split decision, the Chairperson shall have the casting vote. Abstentions shall not be acceptable.

The Jury's decisions are final.

Minutes of the Jury's deliberations and the results of the votes shall be taken. A record of the citation wording shall be kept.




The Executive Board of the "Calwer Hermann-Hesse-Stiftung" shall advise the public of the decisions reached by the Foundation. The Foundation's decisions are final and may not be contested through litigation. The presentations shall be made at official ceremonies under the patronage of the Minister President of the State of Baden-Württemberg.



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